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The ideal, is to create ethical food at everyday prices.

Dom Bish Founding Director
New Zealand
Mobile: +64 211 849 007

Our Story

Choose Food can be described in three slices. The products, the social & community philosophy and shared information and content. Each can stand on its own merit and each supports the other two. As a single unit, Choose Food Limited is a collaboration and exploration of ideas, ideals and products.

Many ethical foods are priced out of the range of many families. It seems that ethical food and foods that allow for good dietary choices, are still in the realm of those with more affluent means. The ideal is to move to a scenario that allows people from all walks of life to choose foods that are important to them, at prices that they can afford. Food choice should not just be a middle-high income earners fancy. Ethical food, food for good dietary choices, should be available to everyone, at prices that are accessible to all. We have a way to go, but having an ideal allows us to strive for something that we feel is important.

Choose Food Limited is a New Zealand company importing food goods. Specifically focused on foods that are a combination of some of the following:
GMO (or GE) free, organic, gluten free, vegan, Palm oil free, free from artificial preservatives or additives, Kosher or Halal.
The company was purchased in 2017 and has been transformed from a one-dimensional set of products that sold to retailers into an offering that gives consumers informed choice, through multi-channel delivery.

Choose Food is keen to have people co-create and collaborate on food discussions, issues and choices. Dietary choice, foods for fitness, ethical choice, religious frameworks and food sustainability are topics that most consumers relate to in one form or another. Food doesn't have to be a zero-sum game. Food choices should not be limited to certain parts of society.

The ideal, is to create ethical food at everyday prices.


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Dominic Bish